Cider recipes 

Boxing Brothers Hard apple cider is delicious straight out of the can, poured over ice, or in "Cider-Cocktails" here are a few of our favorite recipes. Try them out and experiment new "Cider-cocktails" for yourself! Remember to have fun and please drink responsibly. 


Warmed Fireside 


       64oz Fireside 

       3/4 cup brown sugar

       Apple slices (optional)

       Cinnamon sticks (optional)


1. Choose your warming method, stove top or crock pot is preferred. Be careful not to boil the hard cider, this will cook off the alcohol. We'll use the stove top at medium heat for this recipe. 

2. Add your amount of cider, you can add enough for just one mug full (9oz) or as much as you desire. For this recipe we'll use 64 oz (growler full). 

3. Add 3/4 cup of brown sugar, you can use white sugar. OR 1/2 cup of honey OR maple syrup. Our favorite is brown sugar. 

4. This step is optional. Add two whole cinnamon sticks, and half an apple sliced. 

5. Bring temperature to about 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

6. Pour into your cider mug, garnish with a slice of apple, lemon slice, or cinnamon stick. 

7. Enjoy and let the cider warm you! 


Coconut Dreams 


      12oz Caramel Coconut cider

       1 oz of your favorite coconut rum

       Top with ice

       Half rim honey and toasted coconut


1. If you're crafting your cider-cocktail with a decorative rim, pour 1/ teaspoon of honey on a flat plate, dip the glasses rim into the honey. On a separate plate place toasted or raw coconut shavings. Dip the honey side of the rim into the coconut shavings. We like only half the glass with a garnished rim.

  2. Add 1 oz of your favorite coconut rum 

3. Pour about 12 oz of caramel coconut cider into glass

4. Top wtih ice 

5. Enjoy! 

Blood Orange Rosemary 


      12oz Blood Orange Rosemary cider

       1/2 cup ice 

       Fresh Rosemary and cherry (optional)

       Blood Orange Italian Soda (optional)


1. Add ice to your favorite cider glass. 

2. Add Blood Orange Rosemary cider to the glass, leaving a few ounces for the Italian Soda (optional)

3. Add Blood Orange Italian Soda to fill glass.

4. Garnish with your choice of herb and fruit. We chose fresh rosemary sprig and a black tart cherry. 

5. Enjoy!